The table setting is absolutely central to the meal.
Stimulate the senses with contrasts, to the delight of yourself and those you eat with.

Christian Bitz, cand.scient

The extensive and diverse BITZ range includes plates, bowls, dishes, mills, cups, glasses and much more to excite the eye and stimulate the sense of taste during dinner.

Christian Bitz, cand.scient

Adding some decorations like candles in candlesticks and flowers in vases also appeals to all senses and lifts the experience. And you could drink some after-dinner coffee from colourful mugs.

Christian Bitz, cand.scient

When we eat meals together with others, we think more about how much and what we are eating – quite simply, we eat in a more health-conscious way. Sharing a meal also strengthens relationships and a sense of family togetherness. The food is, of course, the focus, but the togetherness and atmosphere are of enormous importance. Telling one another about your day and taking the time to have meaningful conversations helps to make mealtimes incredibly valuable for the family and the family’s overall development.


Christian Bitz holds a master’s degree in human nutritional science. His goal is to make the population healthier. Health must be based on solid science, and it should feel great for the individual. Bitz has managed to pull the health wave in a realistic direction, where it is actually possible to start a healthier life – it has to be fun, and the switch to healthier living must be driven by desire.

The BITZ collection consists of cutlery, dinnerware, bowls, glasses, vases, textiles and much, much more. Different materials contribute structures and colours that create contrasts in the table setting and help make the meal an experience. An experience where time spent around the table is enjoyable, and our tummies have enough time to register a pleasant feeling of fullness. This is one of the keys to a healthier life, as Christian Bitz explains:

When we eat, we need to tantalise more than just our taste buds. This can make mealtimes a better experience, so you’ll want to spend longer savouring the food. This makes it easier to control portion sizes, because it takes the body 20 minutes from the first bite of food until the brain registers the feeling of fullness – and, during that time, you can easily end up eating too much. You don‘t have to be ascetic, as long as you eat a good variety of smaller portions.

For many people, something as simple as just eating a little less can have a huge effect on their figure, shape and future.
So, enjoy your meal with cutlery made from the hottest contemporary materials; drink from beautiful glasses and serve the food on beautiful dishes and plates that challenge the traditional table setting while making it easy to eat less and to eat in a more health-conscious way. Together.


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