Kusintha is a support project that was started in 2018 by Christian Bitz and his girlfriend Lisette Rützou. Kusintha means ‘change’ in Chichewa, a language spoken in Malawi. The aim of Kusintha is to bring about change in some of the world’s poorest countries, including through vital projects such as the establishment of local wells with clean drinking water, the securing of crops, kindergartens and opportunities for schooling.

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Having a shorter distance to the well frees up time, allowing women greater opportunities to work and giving children better opportunities to attend school. Work has been ongoing for several years in Malawi, where Kusintha has helped to establish 9 wells. Kusintha has now moved to Zimbabwe, where ambitious new activities have been launched in collaboration with DanChurchAid. The project aims to donate DKK 1 million over a five-year period



We’re launching two new items in the Kusintha glass range: a vase and a set of tealight holders with the same beautiful, fluted design as the jug, tumblers and water bottles of the range. Both new items are made of solid-coloured glass and are available in five colours: green, amber, pink, blue and smoke, the same colours found throughout the BITZ universe. And remember: when you buy something from the Kusintha collection, you’ll also be supporting vulnerable children in the poorest parts of the world.

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